Objectives & Activities

Our Objectives

LightbulbHV CoIIN, led by Education Development Center (EDC), builds upon 10 years of a vibrant culture of continuous quality improvement (CQI) among home visiting teams to accomplish four key objectives:

  • Implement the scaling of tested interventions with at least 30 Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program awardees and 300 local implementing agencies (LIAs)
  • Select new maternal and child health outcomes aligned with MIECHV performance measures and priorities; where gaps exist, test new key driver diagrams, and change packages with a volunteer group of awardees and LIAs to improve outcomes
  • Continue to refine health equity and family leadership principles and integrate them across all project activities and topics tested to transform systems and produce equitable outcomes for all families
  • Build capacity among MIECHV awardees and LIAs for using CQI methods to improve outcomes

Our Activities

  • Scale up tested topics:
    • Cohort 1 (2022-2024): health equity, and staff recruitment and retention
    • Cohort 2: application launching Fall 2024, topics TBD
    • Cohort 3: application launching Fall Summer 2026, topics TBD
    • Improvement sprints: Summer 2024 and Summer 2027
  • Launch a New Topic CoIIN aligned with MIECHV federal benchmarks:
    • Cohort 1: Caregiver-Child Interaction application launching Fall 2023
  • Provide professional development and coaching in CQI to MIECHV awardees and LIAs
  • Center health equity and parent leadership in CQI across all topics
  • Implement and evaluate HV CoIIN activities