Our Team

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Leadership

Federal Project Officer

Agency: Health Resources and Services Administration, Division of Home Visiting and Early Childhood Systems

Commander Monique Fountain Hanna is a pediatrician and preventive medicine physician in the US. Public Health Services, Corp. (USPHS), working in the field of...

Education Development Center (EDC) Staff

Project Director

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc

Mary Mackrain has over 20 years of experience in infant and early childhood mental health and early childhood education. She specializes in providing national- and...

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Zhandra has years of experience as project director to several large-scale quality improvement initiatives including the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems,...
Improvement Advisor

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Patricia Finnerty has 15 years of experience working in the public health and healthcare fields. She brings expertise in public health practice, the social...
Improvement Advisor

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Sara Voelker is the Associate Project Director for the Home Visiting Performance Measurement and Continuous Quality Improvement technical assistance center (HV-PM/...
Improvement Advisor

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Rachael Glisson, MPH, brings many years of experience in performance data collection, measurement, use, and evaluation, continuous quality improvement, and capacity...

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Sally Baggett brings more than 20 years of experience in the management of evidence-based, early childhood home visitation programs to inform her current role as a...
Local Implementing Agency Mentor

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Marcy Raska joined EDC to work as a Senior Training and Technical Assistance Associate working for the Home Visiting Collaborative Improvement and Innovation...
Associate Director for New Topic CoIINs

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Jessica Auerbach is an expert in early childhood health and wellness, mental health, and LGBTQ health. She has extensive experience in public health project...
Administrative Coordinator

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Olivia Draper, an experienced coordinator in the fields of education, and maternal and child health, provides expertise on child development, parent-child...
Administrative Associate

Agency: Education Development Center, Inc.

Kate Hamby-Hopkins, a technology coordinator with the Education Development Center, Inc. is experienced with facilitating virtual events and finding solutions to...

Our Partners

The Improvement Lab specializes in improvement science, networked learning, and large-scale change. We bring practical, actionable, and experience-based support to leaders in change management efforts big and small. The Improvement Lab partners with clients...
Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School and a leader in improving health care quality and developing industry best practices. Its Division of Global Health Equity is committed to training, research, and service in...
IHI Logo
Institute for Healthcare Improvement is focused on motivating and building the will for change and identifying, testing, and delivering new, high-impact models that result in measurable improvement in outcomes and ensuring the broadest possible adoption of...
Shift-Results collaborates with HV-CoIIN to build quality improvement curricula, coach teams, and provide Improvement Advisor support in an innovation collaborative. Shift-Results also supports HV-CoIIN 2.0 scale efforts and the new collaborative to improve...
ECIC logo
The Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) is dedicated to serving and advancing the interests of young children in Michigan. ECIC provides research-based information to guide policy and program decision making so that every child has an equal...

Steering Committee: Committee members meet quarterly to advise the management team on factors within the social environment of MIECHV programs that will foster scale up of best practices; advise on the course of the project; and steer the HV CoIIN 2.0 vision, goals, workplan, theory, measurement system, and improvement activities.
Model Developers
Jennifer Henk (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters)
Kathleen Strader (Healthy Families America)
Sandra Horowitz (Parents as Teachers)
Sarah Walzer (Parent-Child Home Program)
MIECHV Awardee Leadership
Allison Parish (Florida MIECHV Initiative)
Daniela Hellman (NJ Department of Children & Families)
Icelynn Baldwin (Children's Trust of South Carolina) 
Julia Heany (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services)
Lakota Kruse (NJ Department of Children & Families)
Sarah Bowman (Rhode Island Department of Health)
Thomas Hinds (Wisconsin Department of Children and Families)
Tiffany Kostelac (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services)
Local Implementing Agencies
Jeff Langlieb (Healthy Families - Central Racine County Health Department, WI)
Mary Beth Tribble (Lac Courte Oreilles Mino Majesewin Home Visitation Program, WI)
Jenny Bisonette (Lac Courte Oreilles Mino Majesewin Home Visitation Program, WI)
National Technical Assistance Partners
Susan Zaid (Design Options for Home Visiting Evaluation)
Faculty & Content Experts
Jon Korfmacher (Erikson Institute)
Nancy Topping-Tailby (Education Development Center)
Home Visiting Program Specialists
Alicia Bowker (NJ Department of Children & Families)
CQI State Leads
Daniela Guarda (NJ Department of Children & Families)
Home Visiting Program Lead
Jill Brown (NJ Department of Children & Families)
Scale Leadership Team: This team aided in the development of the initial scale up-plan. Throughout the life of the project, they will refine the project’s vision, goals, and workplan, regularly reviewing and tracking progress towards project scale up goals, initiating indicated course corrections, sharing project results, and promoting the spread of proven practices across the entire home visiting community. 
Mary Mackrain (HV CoIIN Project Director, Education Development Center)
Dr. MaryCatherine Arbour (Lead Improvement Advisor, Brigham and Women’s Hospital) 
Dr. Deborah Daro (Executive Leader and Supporter, University of Chicago, Chapin Hall) 
Dr. Paul Dworkin (Developmental Promotion, Early Detection, and Linkage to Services Advisor, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and University of Connecticut School of Medicine)
Dr. Darius Tandon (Maternal Depression Advisor, Northwestern University)