Well Child Visits Workstream


Well Child Visits Workstream

The identified topic for the Cohort 2 HV CoIIN 2.0 New Topic Workstream is Well Child Visits. Participants in the Well Child Visits workstream will develop, test and engage in later scale of improvements in this new topic area. Awardees commit to supporting three to five LIAS in achieving the shared aim defined on the Key Driver Diagram for Well Child Visits. LIAs will report shared measures and PDSA testing each month and participate in monthly webinars (called Action Period Calls) and three Learning Sessions (one in-person and two virtual) per year.  

Collaborative aim:

85% of all children enrolled in home visiting receive their last expected well-child visit based on the AAP schedule in a timely manner within a 12-18-month time frame. 

System drivers of focus:

*Please note the below areas of focus may vary slightly as the documents are finalized

  1. Standardized and reliable policy and processes for supporting receipt of timely WCV
  2. Competent, knowledgeable and supported home visiting workforce to address WCVs 
  3. Effective home visiting connections with primary care providers for linking families to a medical home 
  4. Standardized and reliable policy and processes for timely communication and follow up between primary care provider, home visitor, and family 
  5. Real time identification and mitigation of barriers
  6. Comprehensive data tracking system for well-child visits