Staff Recruitment and Retention New Topic Workstream


Staff Recruitment and Retention New Topic Workstream

One of the identified topics for the Cohort 3 HV CoIIN 2.0 New Topic Workstream is Staff Recruitment and Retention. Participants in the Staff Recruitment and Retention  workstream will develop, test and engage in later scale of improvements in this new topic area. Awardees commit to supporting three to five LIAS in achieving the shared aim defined on the Key Driver Diagram for Staff Recruitment and Retention. LIAs will report shared measures and PDSA testing each month and participate in monthly webinars (called Action Period Calls) and three Learning Sessions (one in-person and two virtual) per year.  

Staff Recruitment and Retention Collaborative Aim:

85% of home visiting professionals, including home visitors and home visiting supervisors, will improve or maintain high staff well-being, creating a healthier, supported, and more resilient home visiting workforce. 

System drivers of focus:

  • Evidence-based recruitment and hiring to support competency-based selection, equitable hiring, and good person-job fit
  • Home visiting workforce supported with opportunities for ongoing professional growth
  • Organizational environment that cultivates the health and wellness of home visiting professionals
  • Workplace policies and practices that recognize and reward the work of home visiting professionals
  • Home visiting professionals are empowered to contribute to the team and organization