New Publication from HV CoIIN 2.0!

A new article published in PLOS ONE uses HV CoIIN 1.0 data to highlight how  CQI in home visiting programs can reduce maternal depression symptoms. Check out the article here. To help spread the word, we drafted a press release for the article. Please share with colleagues in the field.   


Supporting Teams During COVID-19

We know you are all working hard to continue to support the families you serve in the context of virtual home visits.  To that end, HV CoIIN 2.0, along with our expert faculty, drafted a memorandum outlining guidance and strategies for Intimate Partner Violence and Maternal Depression awardees and agencies in screening and referrals during COVID-19. See Memo


HV CoIIN 2.0's Alabama State Team Featured on EDC News:

NEW! HV CoIIN 2.0 Fact Sheets

HV CoIIN 2.0 created five new fact sheets highlighting our work in our various workstreams, our approach to CQI and the supports we provide, as well as our progress to date. Check them out and share with colleagues in the field!

HV CoIIN 2.0 Scale Virtual Series

Want to learn more about what it means to Scale and how your state can ignite breakthrough change? Register for our 4-part virtual series here.

HV CoIIN News and Publications

Check out the various news articles and other publications featuring HV CoIIN from the field.

Journal Publications:

  • National  Quality Improvement Initiative in Home Visiting Services Improves Breastfeeding Initiation and Duration: Published in Academic Pediatrics. This article outlines HV CoIIN's goals, process, and outcomes related to our work with HRSA's Maternal Infant and Early Childhood home visiting programs to improve rates of exclusive breastfeeding using the Breakthrough Series framework. HV CoIIN's own Elaine Fitzgerald Lewis and Mary Mackrain were co-authors along with partners from Brigham and Women's Hospital, MaryCatherine Arbour and Sidney Atwood. Find the abstract here.


  • The theme of the August 2016 newsletter was breastfeeding. HV CoIIN's Elaine Fitzgerald Lewis described a breastfeeding toolkit developed as part of a quality improvement effort in the Boston area that improved breastfeeding rates (page 4). Read
  • The April 2017 newsletter highlights the HV-CoIIN's work around family engagement, strategies for engaging families in continuous quality improvement. Read
  • The June 2017 newsletter discussed one LIA's experience in implementing Mothers and Babies in HV CoIIN 1.0. Read


  • Family Engagement in Home Visiting: This webinar features a virtual presentation and dialogue with two nationally recognized experts in family engagement and highlights HV CoIIN's innovative approaches to promote enrollment and retention. Watch
  • Moving the Bar for Maternal Depression: System & Practice Strategies That Work: This webinar features a live virtual presentation and dialogue with a pediatric expert on breastfeeding. Faculty from HV CoIIN shares strategies to promote breastfeeding awareness, intention, initiation, and duration. The Rhode Island Awardee discusses tests of change and lessons learned from their participation in the CoIIN. Watch

Blog Posts:

  • HV CoIIN is featured in a new case study, Assessing the Effectiveness of Technical Assistance, published by Mathematica and ASPE. The case study showcases how quality improvement can be a powerful tool to measure the effectiveness of the various TA initiates currently working to support MIECHV. Read
  • mentioned HV CoIIN's work in their blog post, "Supporting continuous quality improvement in programs and services for young children." Read