HV CoIIN 2.0 Scale Virtual Series


HV CoIIN 2.0 Scale Virtual Series, "Igniting Breakthrough Change"

Want to learn more about what it means to Scale, and how your state can ignite breakthrough change?  Find all recordings and slides from each session below:

  • Part 1: Breakthrough BenefitsIn this session, you’ll hear about the importance of spread work, ways to spread, and how Rhode Island’s state MIECHV team and local implementing agencies are moving towards breakthrough change in maternal depression outcomes across the state. Recording
  • Part 2: How You Can Achieve Breakthrough Benefits: In this session, Alabama and Louisiana state MIECHV teams share their journey from small scale CQI projects to running their statewide collaboratives—spreading tested interventions using the Breakthrough Series Framework and reaching breakthrough change with local agencies throughout their state. Recording
  • Part 3: InnovationsIn this session, you’ll find out how New Jersey and West Virginia state MIECHV teams and local implementing agencies are igniting parent leadership in CQI—coproducing service improvements. Recording
  • Part 4: What's Next?In this session, we’ll give you a sneak preview of our next wave of improvement and innovation topics and how to join this national movement! You’ll learn how our support works, why this will work for you, and the flexible coaching, tools, and resources that you’ll receive. Recording