What is a CoIIN?

CoIIN stands for Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network. It is where teams identify a common aim, share information, and use QI processes to improve outcomes.

HV CoIIN Program Description

Across the country, high-quality home visiting programs offer vital support to caregivers. Home visiting takes a two-generation approach, addressing the needs of caregivers and children to improve outcomes for the whole family.

Since 2013, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), through a cooperative agreement with Education Development Center, Inc., has implemented CoIINs, using the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Breakthrough Series (BTS) Collaborative to accelerate improvements in select process and outcome measures for children and families within the MIECHV Program.

HV CoIIN 1.0 (September 2013–August 2017) demonstrated that the BTS model can be used in home visiting to improve outcomes and to develop the necessary resources and conditions for subsequent scale efforts. In 2013, we piloted ideas  in caregiver depression; exclusive breastfeeding; developmental promotion, early detection, and early intervention; and family engagement with 84 teams of local home visiting service agencies across 12 states and one tribe. Our goal was to test topic theories in a diversity of contexts/settings, learning how the interventions needed to be adapted to achieve the aims we set in different contexts.

HV CoIIN 2.0 (September 2017–August 2022)we continued to use this model to scale—expanding the CQI work to additional locations to learn about growth barriers at the awardee and LIA levels. In HV CoIIN 2.0, we catalyzed the use of CQI to advance health equity, strengthen services, and promote parent leadership within the MIECHV Program.

 Since 2013, HV CoIIN has reached nearly 20,000 families and 232 home visiting agencies in 24 states and territories and 1 tribal community

HV CoIIN 3.0 (September 2022- August 2027), is the latest iteration of HV CoIIN and is poised to expand our reach to more agencies and to more families.

HV CoIIN 3.0 continues to build upon the vibrant CQI culture that has grown among home visiting teams to accomplish four key objectives:

  • Implement the scaling of tested interventions with at least 30 MIECHV awardees and 300 local implementing agencies (LIAs)

  • Select new topics aligned with MIECHV performance measures and priorities; where gaps exist, test new key driver diagrams, and change packages with a cadre of awardees and LIAs to improve outcomes

  • Continue refining health equity and parent leadership principles and integrate them across all project activities and topics tested

  • Build capacity among MIECHV awardees and LIAs for using CQI methods to improve outcomes

HV CoIIN 3.0 Major Activities

  • Scale Up of Tested Topics (cohort 1 topics: caregiver depression, health equity, and staff recruitment and retention) 

  • New Topic Collaborative Improvement and Innovation (CoIIN) Networks Aligned with MIECHV Federal Benchmarks

  • Professional Development and Coaching in CQI to Awardees and local implementing agencies

  • Centering Health Equity and Parent Leadership in CQI across all topics

  • Implementation Evaluation of Scale and CoIIN Activities


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